Spring Rates

(April 1st – April 14th)

Weekend & Holiday Rates

Walk Ride
9-Holes $14 $22
18-Holes $22 $32
Afternoon Riding Special (After 12:00)    
9-Holes   $17
18-Holes   $28

Weekday Rates

Walk Ride
9-Holes $13 $18
18-Holes $22 $32
Breakfast Special (Mon-Fri Before 11:00)   $32
(18-Holes, Half Cart, and Breakfast)    
Senior Breakfast Special   $29
Afternoon Riding Special (After 11:00) $15 $26

*All Riding rates are for 2 or more golfers. Single, Riding Golfers may be subject to an extra charge.

Jack Nicklaus

Chamblee Says Tiger, not Jack, is greatest of all time

Well Brandon is never one to hold back.  Here he is telling it like it is according to him.  IM not sure but I think there are a few people pout there that dissagree….Read more…

Who is the best golfer of all time?

In an upcoming “Golf Central” special celebrating Tiger Woods’ 40th birthday, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee said that he would pick Woods over Jack Nicklaus.

“Longevity sanctifies an idea, a career, a relationship, a government,” Chamblee said. “In that regard, Jack Nicklaus’ career was so long – won major championships over 24 years, spanned three generations – but Tiger Woods dominated in a way that had never been done before, and will never be done again. So I think, at least in my estimation, that you’d have to give the edge to Tiger Woods as the greatest player of all time.”

Source: Golf Channel